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Whether cell phone jammer a nuisance or a contributor?

Posted on 14th Aug 2013 @ 9:58 AM

One afternoon in November, an architect boarded a "D" train. He sat down calmly, looking over the passengers around him and finally paid his attention to a young lady who was taking out loud on her cell phone. She was so noisy that everyone in the whole car could hear her voice. Then, the architect took out a pack of black cigarettes-like device quickly from his pocket and pressed the button, only a few seconds later, the young lady became silent. His black cigarettes-like device is actually a cell phone jammer. It can send out a powerful wireless signal, cutting off the signals of cell phones within a radius of 30 feet. When it comes to noisy phone girl, the architect said: "she has been shouted to her phone that disturbed people around her." Speaking of which, the architect insisted it was justice that he can exercise this power for the stopping this girl from disturbing other people. "However, after the knowing what happened, she said:" what he has done is illegal that he brutally violated my communication rights.

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Architect or young lady, who’s right? God knows.

With the extensive popularity of cell phones, it accelerates the appearance of cell phone jammer. The emergence of cell phone jammer is closely related to the characteristics of 21st century. It is a society that people cannot discipline themselves. All of us feel free to use cell phones whenever we want with complete disregard that whether we may disturb others or not. So cell phones are often regarded as nuisances in some places. Christians may be disgusted if there is a cell phone ringing in a silent and holy church. Audience may be angry if someone next to them making a phone call at the moment the climax of a movie is ongoing. Readers will cannot concentrate on reading if there is someone who talking out loud on his or her cell phones. Drivers may be worried when they see someone using cell phones in gas stations. Because it is a common sense that using cell phone in gas stations may trigger a blast. Hence, it sounds like we have enough reasons to use cell phone jammer to help us out of unwanted cell phone disturbances. Don’t jump to conclusion before we thoroughly understand the whole situation. The abuse of cell phone jammers cell phone jammers also bring us troubles. Cell phone operators find that cell phones jammers seriously affected the normal order of wireless communication. Moreover, they figure out the privately use of cell phone jammers bring great inconvenience to general public. The cell phone operators now often receive complaints of their customers that their phones cannot operate normally. So whether cell phone jammer a nuisance or a helper, there is a continuous debate needed to carry on.