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Should we prohibit cell phone jammers?

Posted on 13th Aug 2013 @ 10:07 AM

There is a debate all around the world whether cell phone jammers should be prohibited or not. The fact is that cell phone jammers are not permissible to import into some countries due to licensing of broadcast signals or other restrictions. In those countries they believe that the wide spread cell phone jammers seriously affected the normal order of wireless communication. Moreover, they find that the privately use of cell phone jammers bring great inconvenience to general public. On the other hand, some people insist that cell phone jammers should be adopted in today’s society. They think the wide popularity of cell phones bring them too much disturbances. So which opinion is more reasonable? Whether should we quit cell phone jammers or not? Taking all these opinions into consideration, we think we can rationalize the application of cell phone jammers from the whole situation.

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We want to mention that cell phone jammers are sometimes really a nuisance in our daily life. When you are enjoying a movie in the cinema, you may feel annoying if someone talking out loud on his or her cell phones. This will spoil your aesthetic mood. When you are reading a book in a library, you may be disgusted with the sudden phone rings, which makes you unable to concentrate on your readings. When you are praying in a silent and holy church, you cannot stand if someone’s phone rings, because it is blasphemous. You may also be worried when you see someone using cell phones in gas stations. Because it is a common sense that using cell phone in gas stations may trigger a blast. Moreover, you may not know that using cell phones in the hospital is dangerous, because the cell phones may interfere with some medical devices. That is to say, cell phones may affect the lives of so many patients in the hospital. In all, we can find that cell phones are unexpected in many places. It is not practical to ban use of cell phones in those places, because there is always someone that will break the rules. That is the reason why we use cell phone jammers.

Whether should we use cell phone jammers or not seems to be a continuous debate. No one can judge which point of views is right. So we are just wondering if there is any method that we can regulate the use of cell phone jammers. In this way, we can use cell phone jammers to help us getting rid of unexpected use of cell phones. It is a world full of unwanted disturbances. If cell phone jammers can help us out of it, why don't we adopt them? More information, please visit Jammerfromchina.