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Here Suitable Method of Block Cell Phones in School

Posted on 3rd Aug 2013 @ 9:48 AM

Do you think it is good for the students to use cell phones in schools when they are having class and always bring the cell phones when they are having examinations or attending the classes? Not only the teachers but also some students themselves think that is not good and want to do something to improve and change the situation gradually. If so, it seems that block cell phones in school is the best, and then you will know how to reach this goal.

70W Powerful Desktop Mobile Phone Jammer for 4G LTE with Omnidrectional Antenna

If often reading the newspaper and reading the news online you will have chance to see the news like some students using the mobile phones to send the answers or receive the answers of the exams in order to pass the exam and even get high score, but once being discovered they will be punished and their score may even be zero. So this is really a risk, and also to ensure the fairness of the examinations now measure has been taken to block cell phones in school by using the cell phone jammers suitable for school using and it is regarded as the suitable method of block cell phones in school.

And here you will have the chance to know a detail cell phone jammer that is suitable for school using here so that you can gain more and know more details of the cell phone jammer for school using that similar to this one. Here the name of this cell phone jammer for school using being introduced is "70W Powerful Desktop Mobile Phone Jammer for 4G LTE with Omni-directional Antenna", which is one of the advanced cell phone signal jammer for sale in the market now and we can see just from the name of it and know that it can block the signals of the newly appeared 4G LTE signal.

Besides except blocking the 4G LTE signal at the same time it can also cut off the signals of CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G at the same time with up to 100 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength as designed with 70W high output power. Moreover with the application of the adjustable design and via it you can decide with frequency band to block all by yourself and the detail situation that you are in. Thus no need for you to worry that the device will be of high temperature when working as designed with good cooling system and then the aiming of 24/7 continuously working can be easily reached. Using the Omni-directional Antenna this cell phone signal jammer can block signals from all the way round.

With such powerful jamming distance and excellent working ability to block cell phones in school, the cell phone jammers of such style can be the suitable choice. There are also many other styles of mobile phone jammer suitable to block cell phones in school ready for you to pick up, if needing one come here www.jammerfromchina.com to gain the suitable one.