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Have you ever seen a mobile phone signal jammer with handbag design?

Posted on 9th Jul 2013 @ 9:46 AM

There are many types of jammer devices sold in the market . However, most of them are portable without any package. Have you ever thought that there is a mobile phone jammer with handbag design. Perhaps not. However, the truth is that there is really such a device called the Portable 3G Mobile Phone UHF Signal Jammer with Handbag Design. This article will give a brief introduction to this product and tell where its advantages are . Hope that after reading the article below, you can get some knowledge of it.
Portable 3G Mobile Phone UHF Signal Jammer with Handbag Design
Look at the picture . What can you see? A handbag , right? Yes, it is really a handbag. However, it is not a handbag only. Perhaps you will never know what is in the bag before you open it. Are you surprised after opening the handbag. Perhaps. There is a mobile phone signal jammer in it.
We have already known various types of jammers , such as portable mobile phone signal jammer, GPS jammer and so on. Have you ever seen a jammer with handbag design? Seldom. However, this one is an exception.
There is no need to put much emphasis on the appearance of this jammer since it is similar with most common jammers. A silver cuboid box and six antennas are all that made up this Portable 3G Mobile Phone UHF Signal Jammer with Handbag Design.
Then what properties of this jammer make it different from other jammers? I will tell you one by one in the following.
Just like most mobile phone signal jammers with six antennas, this one can also block signals of six different frequency bands. However, the frequency bands vary from those that common mobile phone signal jammers can block. The six frequency bands are UHF CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G respectively. Just as the name of this mobile phone jammer implies, the main frequency band it can block is UHF.
As for the jamming radius of this device, it also depends on the signal strength of different places and the blocking range is up to 30 meters at most.
Unlike some mobile phone jammers which can block signals from a certain direction, this one owns the advantage over other jammers in that it can block signals from all directions. How can it achieve this objective? The secret lies in the Omni Antenna-integrated in this device.
Some mobile phone signal jammers can continuously work for a long time, while this one can only work continuously for 2 hours when it is fully charged. However, as we know, when we charge for electronic products, it is better not to play them at the same time they are being charged for it will damage the battery and the service life of the product. Well, you don’t have to worry about this with this mobile phone signal jammer. When being charged , this device can also be used at the same time.
Since this mobile phone signal jammer is in a handbag, some people may doubt about its heat dissipation. Not a problem to worry about at all. Good design for heating ventilation and special design with inner aluminum housing have been applied on this device, so there is no need to worry that this jammer with handbag design will produce high temperature while working.
If you still have any question about this jammer or you want to know more about this product , you can go to www.jammerfromchina.com where more specific information about this product is provided.