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A powerful remote control jammer, you deserve it!

Posted on 8th Jul 2013 @ 9:56 AM

Jammer devices are very popular nowadays and there are many different types of jammer devices sold in the market. Have you ever heard about the remote control jammer? Perhaps not. Well, this article will focus on a powerful remote control jammer, 15W high power 5 antenna all remote control jammer, after reading the article, you will know why it is powerful and stand out among all the remote control jammers.

15W High Power 5 Antenna All Remote Control Jammer
Jammer is a new and powerful device that gradually wins people’s heart. In some cases, we do need such a device either to protect our privacy or avoid being disturbed by others or whatever. There are various types of  jammer devices in the market and even jammers of the same group sometimes differ greatly from others in appearance , functions and so on. The most widely known jammers are mobile phone signal jammer, mobile phone wifi signal jammer, radio frequency signal jammer and so on. However, have you ever heard about the remote control jammer? Curious to know what it is? Don’t be so impatient, I will show this advanced jammer device to you in the following. Of course I can’t show all the remote control jammers to you in so short a time. It doesn’t matter, however, I will choose a representative, it is this 15W High Power 5 Antenna All Remote Control Jammer.
If you have ever seen other types of jammer devices, you may know that in fact, the design is very similar. Last time, I presented the mobile phone signal jammer to you. When you see this device, you can recall the appearance of that device in that they are nearly the same in design, the differences lies in their functions.
How should I say this remote control is powerful?
I believe that you will be convinced by the following reasons.
1.    Most common remote control jammers can block the signals of one or two frequency bands. Guess how many  frequency bands this 15W high power 5 antenna all remote control jammer can block?  Its name implies the answer. Right, five. The highest frequency band it can block is 868 MHZ. Can’t you say that it isn’t powerful?
2.    As for the blocking area, it varies according to the signal strength of different places. The jamming radius of this remote control jammer is 20 meters at most , which is really a large area.
3.    Another thing which worth mentioning is that this remote control jammer will not track your activity with the surveillance system. In this sense, your privacy can be well protected without concerning that you are being monitored.
Next, let’s look at the specification of this remote control jammer. Data speaks louder than words. The total output power of this device is 12 W and power supply is 50 to 60 HZ, 100 to 240 VAC. With the strong current and power, we can set our mind at rest that it can work for a long time once it has been fully charged.
In the end, let’s have a look at the accessories of this remote control jammer. A RF Jammer, a AC adaptor, a car adaptor and five antennas are all that make up this device. With the car adaptor, you can also use it when you are in your car and forget to bring the charger.
Want more information about this remote control jammer? www.jammerfromchina.com will provide all the information you need about this device.