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Cool and multi-functional mobile phone jammer

Posted on 6th Jul 2013 @ 9:44 AM

Mobile phone has brought great changes to our life. However, every coin has two sides, it is the same with mobile phone. When we are disturbed by the phone calls or short messages of our mobile phones, it is really bothering. The good news is a mobile phone jammer can block mobile phone signals for us when we confront with the above situations. Although there are many types of mobile phone jammers in the market, I think that the 12W high power radar style 2G 3G mobile phone jammer with cooling system is perfect due to its many obvious advantages over its counterparts.

12W High Power Radar Style 2G 3G Mobile Phone Jammer with Cooling System

Suppose the following scenes. 1.You are a manager of a company and are giving a meeting now. While your staff's phones ring every now and then and every time you have been disturbed by the sound. 2.You are sleeping soundly and then your cell phone rings. Phone calls from strangers and advertising short messages keep coming once in a while. 3.You are a teacher and your students are having an exam now. While, they don't seem to behave themselves at all. Most students bring their cell phones to the classroom to search answers when you take no notice of them. Ok, facing with the three situations above, what will you do ? I think some people will drive crazy by the above scenes. Those are really common things that happen in our daily life with a high frequency. How can we solve them? Well, a mobile phone jammer can do all the work at this time.

Just as the name implies, a mobile phone jammer is used to block mobile phone signals where cell phone is not allowed to use or you want to receive phone calls or short messages from strangers.

I will introduce a mobile phone jammer to you and its name is the 12w high power radar style 2G 3G mobile phone jammer with cooling system.

This device owns some obvious advantages over other mobile phone jammers of .

First, the appearance of this mobile phone jammer is cool. Most common mobile phone jammer are like cube boxes with several antennas on the top of the boxes. While this mobile phone jammer is an exception. Its whole appearance looks like a mini desktop with a base and a oblong screen.

Second, there are two different installations of this mobile phone jammer. Most mobile phone jammers are portable. While this one can not only be put on the desk, but also can be hanged on walls.

Third, powerful functions . According to the signal strength of different places, the signal-blocking length of this device varies and its jamming radius is 50 meters at most, which is really a powerful function that most common mobile phone jammers don't own. As we know that when having been used for a long time, most electronic products will becomes hot. Well, this is not a problem for this mobile phone jammer in that there is cooling system in it. Therefore, it can continuously work for 24 hours without causing high temperature which will sometimes damage the device itself or people's health.

Nowadays, this mobile phone jammer has been widely used in our daily life. Some places where it has been used include examination rooms, meeting rooms, bank halls, trains , buses and so on. We really can't ignore the convenience mobile phone jammers have brought to our life.

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