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The high end UHF Jammers of the world

Posted on 25th May 2013 @ 9:54 AM

UHF Jammers refer to the jamming device used to block the signals of ultra high frequencies. Generally, the frequencies of UHF is between 420~480MHz. Just the same as the cell phone jammers and GPS jammers, UHF Jammers are common surveillance equipments that make a great contribution to the security assurance. 

5 Antennas Desktop Mobile Phone UHF Audio Signal Jammer

This year, we have pushed out more than 10 latest designed UHF Jammers. They are 3W Portable 3G Cell Phone/Wi-Fi/UHF Jammer, Adjustable 15W High Power 6 Antenna Cell Phone/Wi-Fi/3G/UHF Jammer, 6 Antenna GPS/UHF/Lojack/Cell Phone Jammer (3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS), High Power 8 Antenna Cell Phone/3G/Wi-Fi/GPS/VHF/UHF Jammer, VHF Jammer/ UHF Blocker/UHF&VHF Immobilizer, etc. Among these UHF Jammers, we’d like to especially introduce our High Power 8 Antenna Cell Phone/3G/Wi-Fi/GPS/VHF/UHF Jammer. This 8 Antenna jammer device owns strong jamming capabilities, which can cut off the signals of CDMA 850-894MHz, GSM 930-960MHz, DCS 1805-1850MHz, PCS 1900-1990MHz, 3G 2110-2170MHz, GPS 1500-1600 MHz, WI-FI 2400-2500MHz, VHF 135-175MHz and UHF 400-470MHz. Its strong jamming ability allows it to be the leading jammer device in the professional jammers field. Besides, it allows non-stop working that it can work 24 hours continuously. What’s the most important? It is a universal UHF Jammer that can be used in any places worldwide. Next, we are glad to recommend you our 3W Portable 3G Cell Phone/WI-FI/UHF Jammer, which is designed for those who are looking for portable UHF jammers. This jammer device owns the ability of blocking the signals of GSM/CDMA 850-960 MHz, DCS/PCS 1805-1990MHz, 3G 2100-2170 MHz, WI-FI 2.4G 2400-2500MHz, VHF 135-174MHz and UHF 400-470MHz. Although its total output power is 3W, the jamming distance of this jammer can be up to 20 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. If you think that the UHF Jammers mentioned above can't meet your requirements or you are seeking for the high end jammer of the world, we also have the ultimate jammer device for all signals-Portable Multi Band High Power VHF UHF Jammer for Military and VIP Vehicle Convoy Protection. The Portable Multi Band High Power VHF UHF Jammer is specially customized to accommodate a fully integrated broad band jamming system which provides the ultimate solution for Military and Police convoys or VIP protection. The 6 modules are controlled separately and they also can work simultaneously. It is the most advanced jammer device with the most powerful jamming capabilities, which is generally applied in government buildings, military areas, as well as many other special locations.

After the introduction, you may be interested in these UHF Jammers mentioned above. If so, you can know more about them in our product list of jammers. Numerous high quality jammers are here waiting for you. Buy the best UHF Jammers here.