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Are you looking for this kind of audio jammer?

Posted on 15th Apr 2013 @ 9:00 AM

We are living in a hi-tech era, facing all kinds of advanced devices, accompanying with a lot troubles. We are grateful to the great convenience that the hi-Tec bringing to us, but we are also in a state of anxiety to the troubles that it bringing. We cannot deny that it has negative effect on our life and privacy. Taking the detectaphone for example, it is really a threat for our privacy, even personal security. You may often hear that the criminals eavesdrop someone's confidential information by detectaphones. But to tell the truth, this kind of situation is real. So everyone should pay attention to the communication security. The appearance of audio jammer seems to be a blessing, which helps us changed this situation.

4 Antennas Handheld WiFi Bluetooth 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

In the past, if someone wants to make a private conversation by phone, he or she may make some noises through the external environment, for example they often turn on the faucet, which will create background "static" so that the eavesdropper who is wiretapping to them via a detectaphone or with a remote microphone will only hear "static". Now, thanks to the high technology, the audio jammer is invented. This kind of advanced device removes the past "running water" sound by faucets. Audio jammer can ensure your conversations being kept private. This kind of anti-surveillance device prevents the wiretapping devices from tapping into your phone calls or spoken conversations by scrambling signals. White noise generators operate at a frequency that masks your audio from potential wiretapping devices.

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