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The new applications of wireless signal jammer

Posted on 12th Apr 2013 @ 9:00 AM

In the past, the wireless signal jammer can be seen most commonly in military area. It is originally applied in military areas, which aims to prevent the enemy from eavesdropping confidential military information. The application of wireless signal jammer ensures the military security and national security. Nowadays, the wireless signal jammer gains new application. It is found to be used widely in many other fields, such as public places, government buildings, examination halls, meeting rooms, theatres, courts, workshops, hospitals, churches and so on. When it applied in examination halls, it aims to prevent students from cheating in the exams, which ensures the justice and equity of examination condition. When it appears in government buildings, it aims to protect the confidential government information from being eavesdropping by criminals. It can also been seen in public places, theatres, workshops, churches for the purpose of maintaining a quiet environment. Wireless signal jammer is a necessity in hospital for some medical facilities may be interfered by wireless signal. Once they are interfered, the consequences would be unimaginable.    

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Wireless signal jammer is a kind of jamming device used to disrupt the reception of radio signals. The wireless signal jammer is generally used to interfere with the wireless local area networks or WLAN for short, while some top grade types are used to jam satellite communications. The wireless signal jammer can be used to temporarily stop transmission of wireless devices, such as radios, cell phones, laptops, computers, microwaves, or any other kind of unit which receives wireless signals. If it is applied in some place, the wireless devices of that certain range cannot operate normally.

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