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The application of high power jammer

Posted on 5th Apr 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Jammer is not new to people. In order to ensure absolute silence and prevent themselves from being disturbed, many people choose to buy a signal jammer. For the great majority of customers, general jammer is sufficient to meet their needs. General jammer is designed for daily use. It is always portable and affordable so that it enjoys extensive popularity. However, it has limited jamming range and capacity so that it cannot satisfy the demand of many special areas obviously, where a high power jammers is needed. High power jammer is commonly applied in many special places, such as prisons, military areas, government facilities, private business occasions and so on.

4 Antennas High Power indoor Mobile phone Jammer

Compared with general jammer, high power jammer has stronger ability in blocking the signal of different frequencies, which enables several blocking ranges. So it is adjustable that jamming range can be set according to different range of application. There are many types of high power jammers, including high power GPS jammer, high power mobile phone jammer, and high power multi-function jammer. Just as the high power GPS jammer is used to block the GPS signal, the high power mobile phone jammer is used to prevent the signal reception of mobile phones. If you want to find a high power jammer, which can both blocking the signal of GPS and mobile phone at the same time, the multi-function one is your best choice. High power multi-function jammer is also known as all-in-one high power jammer. When it is applied in a certain place, the mobile phones and the GPS devices will be out of service. Besides, high power jammer allows much wider jamming radius up to hundreds of meters that the general jammer can never reach.

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