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What are cell phone jammers or mobile phone jammers?

Posted on 1st Apr 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Cell phone jammers are devices used to prevent cell phone reception from the base station. Cell phone jammers are widely used in different places, such as examination room, gas station, church, court, library, meeting room, government, theater, military area and so on. With the help of cell phone jammers, the cheating problems are solved, which ensures the equity in exams. When they are applied in church, court, library, meeting room, theater, they can prevent cell phone from receiving signals, which maintains absolute silence. Making phone calls in the gas station may be dangerous, so cell phone jammers can cut off cell phone services so as to ensure the safety in the gas station. They can also be used in military area with the aim of maintaining military security. Following paper may give you more tips about cell phone jammers.

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1. Cell phone jammers only shield communication equipment like cell phones and walkie-talkie and have no effect on other electronic equipment. There is no need to worry that whether other electronic equipment can operate normally.

2. Different cell phone jammers allow different jamming ranges from dozens of meters to hundreds of meters diameter. You can choose an appropriate cell phone jammer according to your application range.

3. Some cell phone jammers allows several jamming ranges, you can also adjust it to the appropriate range according to your application location. A jammer, which allows jamming range adjusting function, can be applied in various locations.

4. Cell phone jammers are easy to use. They can start shielding phone signals within one minute as soon as they are activated. All you need to do is turn on the power and select a jamming range.

5. The radiation of cell phone jammers is very low. Their electromagnetic radiation measurements are far below international standard. So you do not need to worry whether it may bring risks to your health. There is no electronic equipment without radiation in this world. That is to say, all the electronic equipments are radioactive. But if you use them correctly, they won't do any harm to you.

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