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Don't you need a cell phone jammer?

Posted on 25th Mar 2013 @ 9:00 AM

The proctors may be troubled if some candidates cheat in the exams by their cell phones. Christians may feel about being disturbed when a cell phone ringing in a silent and holy church. Audience may be angry if the people next to you making a phone call when the climax of a movie is ongoing. Drivers may be worried if they see someone is using cell phones in gas stations, which may trigger a blast. If so, a cell phone jammer can help. Cell phone jammer is a device, which is used to prevent signal reception of cell phones from the base station. It is widely used in various places, such as examination hall, church, cinema, gas station, government building, meeting room, military area and so on. When a cell phone jammer is applied in these public places, cell phones will not work for they stop receiving signals from the base station. The general public may not know much about cell phone jammer. More introductions are given in the following paragraph.


1. Cell phone jammer is a communication jamming equipment, which aims to stop the communication equipment from receiving signals. It has no effect on other electronic equipment. So you don’t need to worry that whether other electronic equipment can operate normally or not.

2. The application ranges of cell phone jammers vary from dozens of meters to hundreds of meters diameter. Before you buy a cell phone jammer, you need to make sure that it is applicable to your range.

3. Some cell phone jammers allows several jamming ranges, you can also adjust it to the appropriate range according to your application location. A jammer, which allows jamming range adjusting function, can be applied in various locations.

4. Cell phone jammers are easy to use. They can begin to work within one minute as once they are activated. All you need to do is turn on the power and select a jamming range.

5. There is no need for you to worry whether cell phone jammers may bring risks to your health. Because they enjoy low radiation and their electromagnetic radiation measurements are far below international standard. Furthermore, there is no electronic equipment without radiation in this world. That is to say, all the electronic equipments are radioactive. But if you use them properly, they will not bring bad influence to you.

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