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The Mobile Phone Signal Jammer is used in Examination

Posted on 27th Jun 2024 @ 5:59 PM

Two months ago is the most important college entrance examination in China. Also is the time that mobile phone signal jammer to play its important role. The mobile phone signal jammer has been installed in every examination room. To ensure the justice of the examination, the phone signal jammer is serious. Come here www.jammerfromchina.com, you will find the exact size of the jammer device. Go and find the one you need.

Long time ago, if there are students like this? Before leaving, they looked back at the cell phone on the table. In fact, even if they take the mobile phones to the classroom, his cell phone was useless to him: it couldn’t be turned on during the exam, and there was an electronic device on the scene called a “Cell phone signal jammer or you can call it mobile phone signal blocker” Constantly monitoring the examination room: as long as there is a mobile phone in a certain range of use, the cell phone signal jammer will make its function and defeat the cell phone within the effective range. That is to say, the mobile phone signal jammer within the blocking range will have no signal totally. You know the mobile phone signal jammer is an important tool to keep the class order. According to the Ministry of Education’s original intention, the college entrance examination room monitoring should be called “Mobile phone jammer” to be responsible for the device.

At present, many mobile phone jammers on the market are legally produced, and are sold for many countries all over the world for legal use. Among which, the mobile phone signal jammer is a favorite for prison. You know that some prisoners use some fake cell phone networks secretly to get signals and then track and block communications. Snatch allows access to legitimate mobile phones and SIM cards while blocking others. It’s expensive and limited to old-fashioned technology. So we should ask the mobile phone signal jammer for help.