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The Mobile Phone Signal Jammer is the Necessity of College Entrance Examination

Posted on 4th Feb 2023 @ 2:01 PM

One month ago, many schools were very busy, because the day of the college entrance examination countdown day by day, they constantly prepare the materials and machines required for the examination. This is to enable candidates to take the examination in a stable and orderly environment. It is also the responsibility of the school. So recently we have seen a machine installed in the test room. What is the name of the machine? Right! This is today’s hero-mobile phone signal jammer. This is the test signal shield that many schools promote vigorously recently. This is a problem that can be effectively fought against electronic signal spoofing. Although it is so effective, but do not know when it is actually put into use, according to the installation location and situation, its effect is different. The main function of the mobile phone jammer is to defeat the cheating behaviors. To keep the fairness of the college entrance examination, we should install the mobile phone signal jammer.

Except installing in the examination room, the mobile phone signal jammer has been popular in other occasions now. Right now, we will tell something about some notices when you buy one signal jammer and use it. Firstly, we will tell something about the shielding size. Although the size of the shielding range we saw can be found in the manual attached to the test signal shielding device, these data are laboratory data for reference only, and actual use must be divided into different situations. First of all, is there a base station within the blocking range meters nearby? This is one of the reasons for affecting the shielding area. Moreover, depending on the length of the distance, the impact force is different. It should be noted that the second test signal shielding cannot penetrate the wall, this will make its shielding effect significantly decreased, and metal objects will also affect his shielding effect. If you need to know more information about the mobile phone signal jammer, welcome here our online store www.jammerfromchina.com.