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Through a dialogue, you will know the function of cell phone and cell phone signal jammer

Posted on 10th Nov 2022 @ 6:52 PM

A: Do you have a cell phone?  

B: Yes, I can’t live without my cell phone. I need to buy a new cell phone for my birthday.

A: Is your cell phone important in my daily life. How much?

B: As much as I hate to admit it, I think I might have a panic attack without it. So this is my only connection to the rest of the world? Also, it can be used as a clock and calculator or other tool.

A: What do you do with it?

B: I see it as my only connection to the world. I can text, I can call, and I can entertain with it. Besides, the smart phone has a lot of interesting apps now, so the phone isn’t just a tool, it’s a toy for me, too.

A: How often do you use a cell phone?

B: I’ve been addicted to cell phones for six years. I can’t live without it, not even for a minute?

A: When did you buy your first mobile phone?

B: After High School, my mother gave me a cell phone as a gift. It’s a Motorola brick. Good stuff.

A: How’d you get your first phone?

B: My friend gave it to me for free? I couldn’t lock the Keypad, so I kept calling people by accident, and it bothered me how you felt

A: When you got your first phone?

B: First, I get addicted to it, then text everyone I know. But after those strange days, I wanted to throw it out the window, because I hated people contacting me when they didn’t want to hear from me. And sometimes the mobile phone calls have brought troubles to us and the noises of it. I can’t bear it anymore!

A: Do you know some good ways to solve the problem?

B: I hear a new electronic device can help us. It is the cell phone signal jammer which can block the phone jammer when it is necessary.

A: WOW! Then how to get one jammer kit?

B: I buy one from one online store www.jammerfromchina.com where offers us different kinds of jammer products and nowadays online shopping is a good choice without any doubt.