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Say NO to Mobile Phones in Class

Posted on 12th Feb 2022 @ 6:26 PM

Just imagine that if you are a teacher, in class, you are seriously writing on the blackboard, but when you turn around, only see rows of students playing cell phones with heads down. Facing the phone addicts, do you feel helpless? Of course, at that time you hate cell phone without any doubt. Say no to mobile phones in class right now. From now on, you don’t need to worry about the troubles that cell phone brings in class, as you can get access to the 5G Cell Phone Jammer from here www.jammerfromchina.com.

Many schools take measures to avoid the wide use of mobile phone in class. All the students’ cell phones are quietly lying in the storage bag. Everyone listened to the class carefully, except to bow to take notes; most of the students became the head-up. Of course above situation is an ideal situation. Many students are not good boys absolutely. No one has the willing to give the mobile phone to teachers. We need to ask the 5G cell phone signal jammer for help.

The wide usage of mobile phone signal jammer came from a news report. According to the report, cell phone signal jammer has been used in the public class in a university to avoid students playing with cell phones in class for a long period of time. At that time, teachers will feel that blocking cell phones was only a private behavior, and do not pay much attention to it. Right now, use the cell phone signal jammer now. Slowly, you will find that more and more students will not be disturbed by the information popped out by We Chat or QQ, and some of them use the screen word fetching function without thinking. They can directly compare the meaning of the sentence without thinking even without inputting the letters, and some students just take photos of the courseware. The wide use of mobile phone in class, students’ ability to infer the meaning of new words through context is reduced, and the practice of taking notes is also reduced, which will seriously affect the students’ adaptation to the language learning environment.

You know why we take the 5G cell phone signal jammer into use in class. Say no to cell phone in class right now! You can buy one jammer.