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WiFi Jammer Brings Your Kids Back Home

Posted on 31st Aug 2016 @ 9:50 AM

There is a joke:”My life is continuing when the air conditioner is on, but if I must choose one from air conditioner and WiFi, I will choose WiFi.” Though a joke, it vividly expresses the importance of WiFi for some people. Nowadays, WiFi or the bluetooth create great convenience for people, with which they can search the Internet with fast experience than cell phone traffic. And WiFi is cheap to be obtained, so it is welcome by many youngsters. But it also has a bad side that kids spend too much time in their phoneS with WiFi. They may watch TV or play games day and night as long as they have WiFi. Is there anything can help parents? You are lucky to learn this article. A WiFi jammer will help bring your kids back home.

Powerful Desktop 4W WiFi2.4G WiFi5.8G Signal Jammer

It saves your kids’ eyesight. Kids use phones more often when they have WiFi. As we all know, phones not only have radiance which is bad to human, but harm kids’ eyesight. After loner time stare at phone screen, eyes can be tired, leading to poor eyesight. Some kids may use their phone when they are lying, then screen and eyesight are in different horizontal line, thus it may damage their eyesight if it continues for long time. Thus, you can jam the WiFi signals. It is an useful way you can try.

It boosts the relationship between you and your kids. There is a research that kids prefer to pour forth their feelings to their friend or Internet, rather than their parents. Thus, you can see they have less communication with their parents when they come back. They may come back home and then go to their room directly with the door close. Some kids even use their phones when eating. In this case, a WiFi jammer helps block the WiFi signals at any time you like, and you can make a close talk with your kids.

It improves your kids’ study. Do your kids like surfing the Internet? How are their studies? These days, many kids are addicted to the Internet, end up with falling grades. Some parents are so worried when children still sank into Internet during the preparation for examinations. You know, if WiFI is not available, kids will well-behaved in their studies.

Having mentioned so much, we’d like to recommend an excellent product to you, named Powerful Desktop 4W WiFi2.4G WiFi5.8G Signal Jammer. Owning this powerfull WiFi blocker, the nearby WiFi2.4G WiFi5.8G Signals will be blocked easily within 25 meters. You will appreciate it since it brings you kids back home. How can you miss this WiFi jammer for so many benefits it will bring to you!