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Just Possessing This 433MHz Remote Control Signal Jammer

Posted on 10th Aug 2016 @ 10:25 AM

Science technology shall not be judged as good or bad, it depends on the users only. We know most of cars in 433MHz working frequency. Maybe you have heard about some poor guys were stolen from their unlocked cars, what’s wrong with car locks? Because the order of locking from the car remote controls were jammed from the car remote control signal jammer at the moment of pressing, and you thought the car was closed as you heard the voice rang normally. Now you know how the thieves stole by using the car remote control signal jammer, but that is not what we want to say. This Handheld 433MHz Remote Control Signal Jammer 50 Meters Radius is not used to steal cars. Let’s learn more about it.

Handheld 433MHz Remote Control Signal Jammer 50 Meters Radius

It can also be used to protect your privacy. This 433MHz RF signal blocker can be a good device to block all the 433MHz remote controllers such as the 433MHz car remote controllers, the garage remote controllers, the TV remote controllers, the surveillance system remote controllers etc. And the jamming radius of this portable remote control signal jammer can be up to 50 meters due to its high quality and superior jamming function. With the help of this RF signal blocker, there is no need for the group of people who worry that they will be monitored by the surveillance system which may be a risk to both their daily and work. Just pay attention that this RF jammer is only useful to block the 433MHz signals. If you want to cut off other frequency signals, just search by function according to your requirement.

Powered by the battery and a portable design, you can easily take and use this portable remote control signal jammer anywhere you like. And the jammer looks like a white controller of TV, useful and simple design. The car remote control signal jammer has a wide effective working scope, is up to 50 meters.

More importantly, the product should not be used for the criminal activities. Jamming car remote control and then causes the doors can’t be locked is within the working scope of the signal jammer, which is what we would like to remind you of. So, please make sure your activities is permitted by laws, otherwise, we won’t be responsible for your all unlawful act.

If you are in need of blocking the devices that are being used to monitor their behavior also have the potential to give your privacy outside and also a risk for your life as well and in such kind of condition, it is really necessary for you to possess the Handheld 433MHz Remote Control Signal Jammer 50 Meters Radius.

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