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Cell Phone Signal Jammers for Different Use

Posted on 20th Jul 2016 @ 9:40 AM

Nowadays with the wide spread of the cell phones, the phone jammer is no longer strange to people and to meet with different people's requirement there are various types of phone blockers in the market for people to choose. According to using situation, the signal jammers are a divided into signal jammers for car using, office using, for personal using, school using, and prison using, etc. They are designed for the major using occasion of the phone jammer can be cars owing to its unique application.

 Portable WiFi Bluetooth 3G 4G Mobile Phone Blocker

Car Use

Drivers are easily interrupted by other things such as phone calls and loud music when they are driving. It's really very dangerous to both drivers and passengers. Moreover, their privacy need to be protected for there may be someone who wants to track your location or where will you move to. Therefore drivers may need car using mobile phone jammer to assure their life and safety.

Office Use

More and more people now want to gain a good working condition in the office so that to gain the high speed working efficiency such as keep away from the noises of the mobile phones calls. On the other hand, people may want to protect their business secrets from being eavesdrop when they are in important meeting with their co-workers. What people need to do is just to select a signal blocker for office using.

Personal Use

Sometimes we just can’t stand with other’s loud phone talk especially in the public occasion where the mobile phones are not allowed. To deal with such issue to make those people quiet, a mobile phone jammer for personal using will help a lot. Most personal signal jammers are designed portable to take them anywhere they want to.

School Use

Many teachers are fed up with trying to stop students from texting in class, and want to know how to stop cell phone use in the classroom. Students ignore lectures while they surf social networks. Some send texts, and even do research online, in order to cheat on exams. Jammers for school use are capable of ending cell phone communications.

Prison Use

In the prison and the military the mobile phones are not allowed to be used as the mobile phones can be used to send messages and make phone calls, in this case the important information may be given out. And mobile phone jammer for prison using can cut off the signals of the mobile phones so that it can play the role as the security guard.

There are various kinds of mobile phone jammers at jammerfromchina.com, and each of them owns the characteristics of themselves, and you can just choose that that according to your real situation and your requirements. And here we hope our team can offer you the best choice and service.