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300W 500W High Power Customized Signal Jammer For Court Using

Posted on 31st May 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Market demand of signal jammer increases day by day,and the sales mode never be simplex any more.Different with traditional sales mode,the high power signal jammer can be customize made according to the requirements of customers -- it is “we sell what you want”,instead of “you want what we sell”.Customization is not a new idea -- that is to mass purchasing ,but for retail it always needs minimum order quantity...New sales model makes it come true ,the customized signal jammer can tune and set frequency bands what you like .

OEM High Power Waterproof Omni-directional Signal Jammer

Now people has recognized it is necessary to install a high power signal jammer in court.Lawyers and judges should not be broken by phone ring,that is a impolite and impertinent behavior,even more seriously to disturb their mind,affect the result of debate.So it needs a high power and wide jamming range signal jammer for court,to stop mobile phones screaming in the whole process.There are 10 blank bands waiting for you,it is no problem to chose to jam other signal and don’t have to chose cell phone.Or you may chose to jam all cell phone signal together with some other bands additional --flexible and tuneable customized signal jammer.

Due to output 300w to 500w,the high power signal jammer can jam a wide radius ,the maximum 400 meters.Certainly,we can adjust each band’s outer power to control their jamming range ,or turn off some bands when they are permitted in court.