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Jammers can help a lot in the gas stations

Posted on 12th Apr 2016 @ 9:52 AM

As we all know, mobile phones and other electronic products are banned to use in the gas station. Because if there is gas leakage in the gas station by accident, the use of mobile phones or electronic products will set off a big fire, which may result in terrible explosion and burn everything in the gas station to ground. So we can always see the signs warning us not use the mobile phones in the gas station.

8 Antenna Mobile Phone GPS WiFi Jammer UHF VHF LoJack Jammer

But there are some people who are not aware of the seriousness of this kind of issue and they are still using their phones in the gas station. In the most cases, the use of the mobile phones did not set off fire disasters because there is no gas leakage at most times. So people may think that the warning sign is too exaggerating and do not take it seriously. However, once a person uses the mobile phone in the gas station with gas leakage, the fire could be a disaster which will get many people killed or harmed and destroy the vehicles and the houses around the gas station. So we should prevent people from using the mobile phones in the gas stations as well as strengthen their awareness of this situation. Even most people are aware of the danger of using the mobile phones in the gas station, they do not know when and where someone would call them. And there is odd that they would be called when they are in the gas station.

To prevent people from using the mobile phones in the gas station, the best choice is to install the 8 Antenna Cell Phone GPS Wireless Jammer UHF VHF LoJack Jammer. This model is designed especially for the public places like the gas stations. Now this multi-purpose signal jammers that are for selling are designed with 8 antennas and own the ability to cut off the signals of 2G, 3G, UHF, VHF signal and LoJack, WiFi, GPS bands at the same time but here this 8 Antenna Cell Phone GPS Wireless Jammer UHF VHF LoJack Jammer that you are viewing just owns the powerful jamming ability.

And since designed with high power output of 18W this 8 Antenna Cellphone GPS UHF VHF LoJack Wireless Jammer owns up to 40 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the given area. And because of that this multi-purpose 8 antennas jammer has applied the latest design and Good cooling system with cooling fan inside and the stronger and longer External Omni-directional antennas, all the TX frequency covered down link only, so that this multi-purpose high power jammer can always stay in good working condition.

As there is special discount in our store, why not avail yourselves with this good opportunity to strengthen the security in the gas station?