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Necessary tool in the modern world

Posted on 6th Apr 2016 @ 9:50 AM

Are you tired of the cell phone ringing around you? There are always some people bothering you when do not have important events to do with you. It is not strange the harassment phone calls from people who want to sell you something. The more we are connected to the electronic products, the more personal information is leaked to the outside world. Thus we are going to receive more and more harassment phone calls. More and more our own time are wasted. That is to say our life and freedom are destroyed by those electronic products. Therefore more and more people are aware of the necessity to gain their peaceful life and freedom back.

Handheld WiFi Bluetooth Signal Jammer with Range adjustment

So our engineers and manufactures are trying their best to meet the requirement of the desperate people. We invented the WiFi Bluetooth Jammer with Range Adjustment and brought it to people’s daily life. It can block all the signals from cell phones, wifi and bluetooth. If you want to live a peaceful life and get rid of the disturbing of the mobile phones and electronic products, you can turn it on. Then you will not find it hard to have a sound sleep or enjoy your reading any more. All you have to do is to buy a WiFi Bluetooth Jammer and install in the place you want to stay peacefully.

One important specialty of this device is that the cover range is adaptable. That means even if you and your family are in the same house and you have different needs, your requirement can be met at the same time in the same place. For example, if you want to read in the afternoon without the disturbing of the cell phone ring from others, while your kid wants to texting with his friends or surfing the internet, you can just adjust the cover range of the size of your room. So both of you can enjoy your happy hours.

Another wonderful advantage is that this WiFi Bluetooth Jammer is portable, which means you can take it to anywhere you want. The battery can last as long as one and half hours. If you have some important stuff to do, you can put it into your bag and go with it. The size is pretty small and the weight is light as well. So it is very convenient for you to bring it without being noticed by others. It can not only help you avoid the disturbing of the mobile phone rings, but can also protect you from being tracked by others because it can influence the signal of GPS tracker.

When you get to know this product, you will find it so easy to live a peaceful live as you want. Please do not wait any more. You deserve a free life style!