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Professional jammers for protecting business secrets

Posted on 29th Mar 2016 @ 9:44 AM

High-tech electronic products have helped a lot in people’s work and business. People can use them to communicate with their business partners all over the world. And they can use them to present their work accomplishment and work plan. In addition, these high-tech electronic products can help people to improve the work effectiveness and efficiency. We enjoy the help provided by these devices. But every coin has two sides. When we appreciate the advantages of the high-tech electronic products, we ought to get along well with the threats brought by them. That is to say, we should overcome their disadvantages and reduce the threats to least.

Handheld Quad Band 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz RF Signal Jammer

So for the threat of the high-tech electronic products to the business field, we cannot get rid of the problem of business secrets. Yes! High-tech electronic products can help the competitors get the business information from companies. The most common case is that employee can use their cell phone to take pictures of their business files or equip themselves with a sound recorder to record the meeting talking and connect to the competitors. These are not stories happen in the movies, they are really happening around us in the business field. Some companies may even break down because of the business information and secrets are leaked to the competing companies. So this should draw great attention of the supervisors of the companies.

Our company is a professional designer and manufacturer of radio frequency jammers. We can produce a series of radio frequency jammers that can meet different kinds of requirements of the customers. And this model is produced especially for the business field. This Portable Quad band RF Jammer is a high-power radio transmitter, it is able to block four frequencies 310MHz, 315 MHz, 390MHz and 433MHz.and the customer can choose one from 315MHz, 418MHz and 430MHz according to their requirements. That is to say that it can easily stop the use of mobile phones, tape recorders, Hidden eavesdropping Headphones and pinhole spy cameras. When it worked with plug power the jamming distance could get 50m. It means that the effective coverage distance can be up to 50 meters when it is installed in the room. And you do not have to worry if you are invited to a meeting room that doesn’t belong to your company. This device can work with battery, and the effective distance can be 30 meters when it is working with battery. So you can take it to anywhere you are going to have a meeting. Your business information and secrets are always under the protection of the Portable Quad band RF Jammer.

It is our aim to help people have a better life. You will not regret buying one from us, because the Portable Quad band RF Jammer can effectively help keep the competitors far away from your business information and secrets.