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Low Output Power Cell Phone & GPS & Lojack Jammer

Posted on 15th Mar 2016 @ 9:49 AM

Global Position System is well known to most of us,but some people don’t know about Lojack.Lojack is a device that similar with GPS but better in performance ,keeping 24 hours’ tracking.Most of vehicle have both GPS and Lojack inside,staying or hiding in somewhere.How to refuse tracking from the two kinds of signals?The signal jammer we are talking can solve problems.

3W Handheld Style Cellphone LoJack GPS Signal Jammer

The signal jammer is a combination of 2G 3G cell phone jammer ,GPS jammer and Lojack Jammer,portable and removable to anywhere.For example,when we stay inside of car,and want to break tracking from GPS(GPSL1 1500MHz-1600MHz) and Lojack (Lojack 160MHz -175MHz) device signals but not cell phones,you may choose to close the button of 2G 3G signals to make it work normally.Meanwhile,switch of GPS and Lojack signal kept on,so the connection or communication of GPS/Lojack signals emitter and receiver are broken.Tracking function lose its ability.Besides,the signal jammer can also block GPS and Lojack software that installed on phones,it means the device can jam signals from both hardware and software of GPS and Lojack,gets rid of tracking from some unknown and ill-disposed guys .

As we say it is a portable low power 3W signal jammer,the maximum jamming area ranges from 1 to 20 meters -- it was designed for personal using but not for large space.About cell phones ,the device can jam 2G CDMA 851 MHz -894 MHz,GSM 925MHz-960MHz,DCS 1930MHz-1880 MHz,PCS 1930MHz-1990MHz;3G 2110MHz - 2185 Mhz;3G 2110MHz - 2185MHz.The signal jammer can not for all cell phones ,only for those we state above.