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New Hidden Cell Phone & WiFi Jammer

Posted on 19th Feb 2016 @ 10:00 AM

A new style hidden jammer came in the new year for jamming 2G 3G 4G cell phone and WIFI signals,looks like a small white box.Different like some other jammers ,the model has no external antennas -- 8 pieces built-in directional antennas.

Hidden & Adjustable 2G 3G 4G Cell Phone Blocker & WiFi Jammer

Put this stationary jammer on the place where there is fulled with noisy cell phone signals,by the way,keep the two different signals (cell phone’s and jamming’s) into a right angle 90 degree,one is in parallel lines ,one in perpendicular lines.So jamming signals that emitted from the cell phone jammer can rush and break communications of cell phones and base stations.Almost of cell phone so long as work via those frequencies can be jammed :CDMA 851-894MHz,GSM 925-960MHz,DCS 1805-1880MHz,PCS 1920-1990MHz,3G 2110-2170MHz,4G1 2300-2400MHz or 2550-2690MHz,4G2 725-770MHz or 790-826MHz.As it is a adjustment cell phone jammer,you can adjust buttons to jam different signals ,for example,turn off 2G and 3G signals to keep cell phones work,that will block 4G phones only.

If you want to block your neighbors’ wifi (WiFi 2400-2500MHz),you may make the hidden jammer toward to the wall and turn on the button for wifi,then the boring signals jammed.You may put the hidden jammer on any public place,no proof proves and declares the device is a signal jammer in fact -- and it dosen’t look like ,either.

From the appearance ,there are so much holes for heat emission.It certainly gets hot after working,but cooling system works inside,hot gas should be expelled from the device to keep a suitable temperature environment.Don’t have to come with a bigger shape and size,the hidden cell phone & wifi jammer is able to get a maximum 40 meters’ jamming range -- with the only 400(L)×300(W)×130(H)mm.That is an encouraging progress in the process of development.