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What does an Audio Recorder Signal Jammer is use for?

Posted on 15th Feb 2016 @ 10:48 AM

With the highly development of the technology more and more high technology products has been invented. That’s lead to the awkward situation. We find that it has become more and more difficult to protect our information. The monitor and mobile phone is everywhere. They can record your words and expressions, actions. But we are not perfect. Even there are something is not suitable to be exposed.

Powerful Audio Recorder Signal Jammer 8 Meters Range

So we need to find some device to protect our privacy and cut off the third eye.

Here is an audio recorder signal jammer mainly can cut off the signals of the Cassette Recorders and Digital Recorders. And it also can make mobile phone audio recording unavailable. It is powerful and multifunctional which work distance could up to 8 meters. But you need to know that it is can’t be used if the jammer antenna direction is not the same with the recorder location or the audio recorder signal jammer is charging. 

This powerful audio recorder signal jammer is designed with the color of black and the Product weight is 2.5kg and the Package weight is 4.5kg.And it could work continuously about 3 hours.

In order to use it correctly you need to know these things.

First, you should use it after this Powerful Audio Recorder Signal Jammer 8 Meters Range is fully charged and you’d better Use it when it is charging or it may strikes or reduce work time. We provide a 1 year warranty and this situation is not included.

Second, the jamming distances is varied according to the signal strength and the specific work location. So it is Variable.

 So if you are interested in this Powerful Audio Recorder Signal Jammer 8 Meters Range and have other question please visit www.jammerfromchina.com and chat with our online service. It will help you get the most suitable signal Jammers.