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UVA Will Be Limited -- Signal Jammers Will Help Air Tankers in Fire

Posted on 12th Aug 2015 @ 9:00 AM

UVA,unmanned aerial vehicle,was argued over the last few years due to video cameras might violate privacy.But now ,it will be limited by legislation in California because some UVA hampered Air Tankers’ rescue activities in fires.Some UVA came into fire zones when fire happened,the whole aid was disturbed.One of the worst ,air tankers had to stop working for 25minutes.Drivers had to think about the safety -- those UVA may enter into engines of air,that will cause disasters.

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In order to protect firemen when they take great risk to implement tasks,senators suggested to give them powers to deal with UVA when they were hampered.But it seems shoot them down is not a clever way,fire station of California said that they preferred another way to get rid of those potential risks--by some Signal Jammers.They planed to jam the wireless remote control aircraft to forbid approaching.That is the best way to protect air tankers and avoid shooting some legal UVA.

When UVA fly into the working scope of Signal Jammers,they will be jammed and get none orders from the controllers-- can’t go forward any more.Another important reason is ,UVA won’t drop down if they were jammed ,they will re-design a new flight route and turn back to the place of departure.So we don’t have to think about the problem of UVA attack air tankers when they were out of control.To jam control of UVA to make UVA keeping far away from air tankers is what signal jammers do in fire.

It is easy to buy new UVA even air tankers,but not lives of firemen.Hope those users of UVA limit themselves’ activities,just don’t hamper firemen,keep a safe distance to air tankers.